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So are you going to make Sanji part Longleg tribe? To excuse his insane kicking power.
I love your One Piece rpg comic, follow it on the other website

Seriously its awesome, the only bad thing about it is after I binged through the archives in almost one go now I need to wait for updates.

I'm particularly looking forward to what you do with the Arlong Saga, since it was sort of a big deal when reading One Piece, such as the opinion that is when the series really finds its feet.
Hey thanks for watching me Dragontrainer! Your comic is awesome, and it was what got me to make my own Tabletop comic (or whatever you call them). I've been having a lot of fun doing it, even if it can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Here's to you getting to the Grand Line one of these days!
I've been a fan of these types of comics for years, and you, my friend, have the best 20 sided tale comic I've seen yet! Kudos.
I've noticed that your other website has been down lately. Any particular reason for this, or is it beyond your control? I will start following the comic here so that I can stay up to date with what is going on, by the way this is Kageyasu from your other site.
Do you take requests for comics...?
Love the comic. A little shocked at the comments on drunkduck that are making all these guesses about who DM will play. Mostly because...well, LUke is LUffy, COry was COby, and NAt was NAmi. I'm not sure what to make of rika and phil's names, but DM, the biggest power gamer in the session, shares initials with one of the most powerful characters in the series! I guess nobody makes the link because instead of his first name, at that point, everyone calls him Hawkeye.
I stumbled upon your One Piece RPG comic and I love what you've done with it. I started from the beginning and just got done with the Buggy arc but I would like to commend you on your effort and the humor. It provided a nice distraction for me(I'm actually supposed to be writing an essay due for a class tomorrow) and I'm hoping you continue to keep dishing out the pages well into the future OP arcs. ^^
Howdy! :D

I really like your comic, and, uh, it's frigging awesome! And I don't know what else to say, I'm not a good critic D:

But anyway, up until now I hadn't commented neither here nor in the comics proper, and the reason I'm commenting now, just here, is that I wanted to ask... do you have any idea how to actually translate Kuro's/Kurahadol's/Klahadore's fighting style into D&D? In the comic you mentioned that he has an insane amount of feats and stuff, but I wanted to ask if you actually though about these feats at least some of them. I'm a newbie GM and wanted to make an enemy for my players that combined catclaws with bastard swords! Making someone with Zoro's style was quite easy actually (ha also has a fourth, floating magical sword), but I want to take the next step. Problem is, I have no base for his catclaws. It was easy enough coming up with my own feats to allow a character to wield weapons with his mouth (first feat let's him hold things with his mouth, second one treats his mouth as the same way as the hand the character is worse with (-4 penalty for mouth and right hand if character is a lefty) and third feat eliminates the penalty altogether). But making katana-claws... :/

By the way you might have noticed that I'm kind of a munchkin C:< (this emoticon, up is to the right)

So, yeah. You at one point said you would eventually release the rules the characters are using, but if I remember right you were already too busy with the characters crazy classes. But if you haven't thought of the right feats and stuff for Kuro (which would be completely understandable even if you weren't busy with anything else, seeing how crazy that fighting style is), I can't wait until you do :D
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