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A Pony Creator Generated Pony OC by DragonTrainer13
A Pony Creator Generated Pony OC
I created this pony OC using General Zoi's Pony Creator.  His name's Watch Tower.

Character Concept:

Watch Tower is a crystal pegasus (totally canon, btw!) whose special talent is befriending dragons.  His father was a Crystal Earth Pony whose job was to build and maintain the various structures in the Crystal Empire, especially the castle walls.  His mother was a Pegasus who worked as a veterinarian.  A thousand years ago, when Watch Tower was just a young colt on a family road trip, he got to witness the great dragon migration.  The sight of such a spectacle inspired him to do some research on the subject at the local library.  He wanted to learn everything there was to know about dragons.  He was, unfortunately, unable to get anywhere since dragons were too rare or too scary to talk to or study.  One of the only things he found was the ancient oracle bone script character for dragon.  He wasn't about to give up, however, and set out to find a dragon to talk to and learn from.

Thanks to the special nature of his crystalline skin, he proved resistant to lava and fire, allowing him to survive his initial encounter with the dragons.  He witnessed a fight between two adult dragons that ended with one of them, a red-scaled dragon named Crash, injuring his wing and becoming grounded as a result.  Watch Tower used the first aid skills he had learned from his mother to mend and bandage up the dragon's broken wing.  He eventually earned Crash's respect and friendship and conducted a short interview.  Crash provided Watch Tower with a few obscure dragon facts, such as how dragons could nap for a hundred years or how dragons like eating gemstones and collecting things for their horde.  The young colt collected and compiled what little he had learned and wrote his first research paper on the subject.  The research paper earned him high praise within the Crystal pony community, which led to him earning his Cutie Mark and discovering his special talent for befriending dragons.  That research paper currently resides within the Crystal Empire's library, long forgotten and hidden away within its massive archives.

The crystal pegasus picked up jousting as he grew up and became a local guard (non-military!) as a way to earn some money and save up for another trip.  He has, however, been reprimanded in the past for reckless behaviour and for not being enough of a team player.  He was the silent type who preferred to keep to himself, but he was able to connect with others thanks to his love of a good challenge.  He may not have been the best at jousting, but his love of the sport earned him some friends with similar interests.  He was always seeking to improve himself by challenging others whether it was in racing (12.5 Wing Power!), jousting, or pure physical one-on-one combat.  He once challenged a powerful unicorn to a fight... and lost.  Horribly.  His only other interest is in learning about mythological creatures, especially dragons.  His extensive knowledge of the various dangerous creatures of Equestria has made him indispensable in dealing with them.  He has handled Chimeras, Timber Wolves, Hydras, etc.

He eventually went on the research trip he had been saving up for and was gone for several long months.  His second trip paid off and for a period of time he lived among dragons with his old friend Crash (his new favourite game was King of the Horde), after which he returned home with a plethora of new knowledge about dragons.  He took what he had learned and wrote an entire book on the subject.  That book was set to be published and distributed to libraries all over Equestria... but then King Sombra arrived.

As a member of the local guard, Watch Tower helped in the effort to fight back and defend the Crystal Empire.  King Sombra, however, proved to be too powerful and easily crushed the empire's defenses.  After taking over the empire, the tyrant selected several ponies from the populace and used them as guinea pigs for his experiments.  One of these ponies was Watch Tower, who was brainwashed and altered into a Gargoyle Pegasus.  His durability was enhanced and he was given the ability to stick to walls, disguise himself as a stone statue, and shoot a beam of yellow plasma from his mouth.  The primary task he was given was to protect the castle from intruders.  He was forced to commit many atrocities while under Sombra's control.  Atrocities he would much rather forget.  Eventually, the two Alicorn princesses intervened and fought Sombra, which led to the disappearance of the Crystal Empire.

A thousand years later, the Crystal Empire was saved.  Watch Tower's memories first started resurfacing after witnessing the jousting between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy.  In the back of his mind, however, he didn't want to remember.  He wanted to forget.  As the festival continued, more and more of his memories returned.  He found himself wandering around the library until he happened upon his first research paper, the one he wrote when he was just a young colt, which helped contribute toward recovering his memories.  It wasn't until he witnessed Sombra's return and the bravery of the little dragon named Spike that all of his memories finally came back to him all at once.  Well... you know how the rest of this story goes.  Princess Cadence took her place as the Cystal Heart Princess and with the help of every Crystal Pony including Watch Tower, King Sombra was finally defeated.  For good this time.

After the events of the Crystal Empire, the young pegasus joined the Royal Guard for a short period of time.  He quit his job, however, and left his home to go on a journey of self-discovery.  The alterations that King Sombra imposed on him remained.  His stone-like skin made him virtually immune to pain, but it also dulled his sense of touch.  He felt detached from the other ponies.  He needed to get away and find himself again.  On his journey of self-discovery, he attempted to search for his old dragon friends, including Crash, but to no avail.  One of the few times he returned home was for the Equestrian games.  It was there that he learned that the disabling spell worked on his Gargoyle abilities for some reason.  Although he did not compete, believing his Gargoyle abilities gave him too much of an unfair advantage, he was happy to spend some time with his friends and family.  A couple of his old jousting buddies including his older brother were competing and he happily cheered them on.  He had such a good time there that he was able to crystallize for the first time in months.  After the Equestrian games were over, he said his good-byes once more, promising to visit again soon.

He currently resides within the Frozen North, isolated from the rest of society, where he makes Youtube videos about MLP headcanon theories.

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RisTigger Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
Hey thanks for watching me Dragontrainer! Your comic is awesome, and it was what got me to make my own Tabletop comic (or whatever you call them). I've been having a lot of fun doing it, even if it can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Here's to you getting to the Grand Line one of these days!
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